How to detect heat in cows?

As with humans, animals, particularly cows, also have periods of increased sexual receptivity, i.e., they are in heat. In this post we show you the main signs to detect it and why RUMI will be your best ally if you don’t want to miss any.

Bovine colostrum: collection and administration

The timing of collection and administration of bovine colostrum is a key point in obtaining complete colostrum of the highest possible quality. In this post we will show you how to collect it, evaluate its quality and administer it to the calves. In addition, we also offer you some products that can be used as substitutes for maternal colostrum.

What is bovine colostrum and why is it so important?

Colostrum is the first milk a cow gives after calving and will later evolve into whole milk as we know it. It constitutes the first source of nutrients for the calf and, therefore, one of the fundamental elements that will determine its health in the coming years.