RUMI: GPS Collar for Cows with Solar Panel

Control your Livestock in the Palm of your Hand

RUMI is the GPS Tracking System for livestock with 24-hour monitoring: Where they are, what they are doing and automatic alerts.

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What do they say about RUMI?

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gps para vacas con panel solar y carcasa de protecci贸n

RUMI’s GPS cattle collars not only provide geolocation, but also measure the activity, welfare and productivity of each cow:

  • Activity: You receive alerts of important events directly on your cell phone, such as heat warning to inseminate at the right time.
  • Wellness: You get measurements such as Real-Time Rumination to detect possible pathologies in advance.
  • Productivity: You get automatic recording of key activities such as grazing time, automatically integrated into your Digital Farm Notebook.

The connection of the GPS for cows with the RUMI Livestock App allows you to control your livestock from your cell phone wherever you are. In addition, the App offers unique possibilities in your Livestock Management:

  • Productive History: Records events such as calvings and inseminations in the history of each cow to have an overview of her productivity.
  • Smart Calendar: Get the forecast of important events such as calving by recording the date of insemination.
  • Productive Calculations: Make the best decisions through the automatic productive calculations made by RUMI based on your own data.

Intelligent GPS for Cows

The cow GPS with smart collar features increases your ROI by monitoring her health and key activity times such as heats.

In addition, you get more than 5 activities: Ruminate, Grazing Time, Eat/Game, No. of Steps and Rest.

RUMI includes smart collar functions at the price of a standard cow GPS.

Rumis in the world
Jealousy detected
Monitored farms

“We transform Livestock Management through Technology adapted to the needs of the Livestock Farmer and his Livestock”.

Innogando Team

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Comparative GPS for cows

RUMI: Integral Solution for your Livestock Management


What's Included


GPS Standard

Location Cows

Solar Charging

Jealousy, Illness and Ruminations Alert

Measurement 5 Activities

Real-time rumination

Mobile Coverage Independence

gps para vacas con panel solar y carcasa de protecci贸n

Get your Free Coverage Map

Elevate your Management with the Mobile Application



Digital Notebook Integration

History of each cow

Smart Calendar

Productive Calculations

Global Livestock Vision

RUMI collars are connected to the mobile application 24 hours a day.

Easy to use

The RUMI application is intuitive and easy to use so that you don’t waste time in your day-to-day work. You can also request web access and have API to connect with any management application.

aplicacion ganadera con mapa localizador de vacas

Gain Peace of Mind

RUMI gando GPS units automatically warn you in case of a fall or if a cow leaves the perimeter of your farm.

collar gps para vacas RUMI de la marca Innogando

Livestock GPS with satellite view

Monitor the Location of your Livestock in Real-Time 24 hours a day

The RUMI cow GPS allows you to check the location of your cattle instantly through the connected mobile application.

In addition, the cow GPS satellite view allows you to delimit the perimeter of your farm and monitor the location of the animals within it.

It is essential that the cow GPS system provide instant notifications in the event that an animal leaves the designated area of the farm, thus eliminating the need to continually verify its location.

RUMI includes this feature to give you peace of mind and efficiency in managing your livestock.

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Advice Included

Receive professional advice from RUMI’s agronomist team when requesting the coverage map for your Livestock Tracking System.

gps para vacas con panel solar y carcasa de protecci贸n

GPS collar for cows with solar panel

Save the Extra Cost of Replacement Batteries

The RUMI GPS cow collar automatically recharges its battery with solar energy.

What if the weather is bad? No matter, the battery has an autonomy of 8 months.

Solar GPS for livestock saves money, time and hassle:

  • Save the cost of changing the batteries of each GPS collar every year.
  • Avoid having to chase all your cattle every year for replacement.
  • Save time, ride RUMI and worry no more. If something happens, you are automatically alerted in the app.

RUMI in 10 years

Required battery changes

Average GPS in 10 years

Battery changes required on average

Design of the gps cow collar

Prevents breakage due to shock, temperature or humidity.

GPS collars for cows must be designed to withstand the worst conditions of temperature and humidity.

That’s why RUMI has 3 key elements to make your investment a long-term one:

  • IP67 Protection protects the Livestock Locating System with sealing techniques to prevent corrosion.
  • ABS plastic is ideal for GPS cows because of its resistance to shock and UV rays.
  • The monocrystalline solar panel has 25% higher efficiency than normal panels to ensure optimal charging.
GPS vacas con cuerda naylon entrelazada

Cow gps features

Animal Comfortable, Weather Resistant

The ultra-lightweight GPS cows ensure that the animal does not have to make any extra effort and the nylon collar prevents marks from forming on its neck.

RUMI is designed to bring the positive image of animal welfare to your livestock through livestock locators designed for the long term.


The livestock locating system is protected from water and dust thanks to the hermetically sealed housing.


The RUMI cow GPS is ultra-lightweight so that the cow does not feel any extra strain when carrying it. This allows the required counterweight to be kept to a minimum.

Animal Welfare:

The interlocking nylon prevents chafing, allows freedom of movement for the cows and avoids irritation in the GPS collar support area.


The combination of ABS plastic in the GPS cows and Nylon in the collar guarantees protection against extreme heat and cold temperatures.


Encapsulation: Impact, water and dust resistant

Weather Resistance: Encapsulated with IP67 degree of protection.

Temperature range: -20掳C to 50掳C (-4掳F to 122掳F)


GPS mass: 350g

GPS dimensions: 130 x 90 x 37mm

Counterweight mass: 460g

Make your Livestock a Profitable Example of Sustainability.

The GPS for cows with solar panel RUMI takes advantage of the sunlight to charge its battery with an autonomy of 8 months in bad weather.

Stand-alone cow gps with mobile coverage

Be Independent of Mobile Coverage

GPS collars for cows independent of mobile coverage make it possible to reach isolated areas where the herd is located.

RUMI is connected to a proprietary system of self-contained antennas that are charged by solar energy. Simplifying the process.

LoRaWAN connectivity provides more range than standard connectivity: up to 30 km at a frequency of 868 MHz 915MHZ.


The RUMI cow GPS is ultra-lightweight so that the cow does not feel any extra strain when carrying it. This allows the required counterweight to be kept to a minimum.

Infinite energy

The GPS antennas for cattle also charge their own battery with solar energy.

High Range Connectivity

Lorawan coverage uses low frequency waves to locate your livestock. The support of autonomous antennas allows you to cover the area of your farm in a personalized way.

Adaptability to your farm

You receive advice on how to place the antennas in strategic locations on your farm.

Regulatory Compliance

Cow GPS with Lorawan coverage does not require a license, therefore it complies with the National Telecommunications Center regulations.

Always connected

Standard cow GPSs limit the number of cattle location requests. RUMI allows you to request the location of your cows whenever you want thanks to its proprietary system.

gps livestock collar with alert system

Gain Peace of Mind with Your Own Alerting System

GPS collars for cows can function as smart collars because of their location on the animal’s neck.

RUMI adds this new possibility to your livestock farm with all its advantages: Receive alerts on events that affect the productivity and welfare of your livestock.

The smart collar measures the cow’s neck movements and activity to detect abnormalities and alert you.

Disease Alert

The RUMI GPS collar is able to measure the cow's rumination and detects any drop in activity.

Jealousy Alert

RUMI takes advantage of its status as a collar to detect activity linked to jealousy: it identifies the animal's activity and warns when it is in heat.

Danger Situations Alert

The RUMI cow locator detects sudden movements and high activity in your herd.

Leakage Alert

The RUMI GPS for cows has virtual fencing: If any of your cows leaves the perimeter of your farm, you receive an automatic alert in the livestock app.

Gain Peace of Mind: detects every heat arrives on time for delivery identifies diseases in advance

RUMI detects the key events for your livestock so that you are always one step ahead.

Cow tracker with activity measurement

Measure the Activity of your Livestock

Control your Health and Productivity

Having a GPS cow collar that alerts you of every important event brings security to your farm.

RUMI goes further: Visualize the daily activity of your cows instantly.

In addition, your activity data can be automatically integrated with your Digital Farm Notebook.

Gain efficiency and get data on:

  • Real Time Rumination
  • Pasture History
  • Rest Time
  • Time Walking
  • Time Eating

“The RUMI smart cow collar measures the primary health indicator: Rumination. Other collars focus on temperature. However, this is a side effect.

Before the abnormal temperature, your Rumia will have decreased. And you can detect it early with RUMI”.

Carlota Antelo, Veterinarian Manager

Cow Tracker aligned to the CAP

Meet CAP 2023 without Extra Effort

RUMI is capable of integrating livestock data into your Farm Notebook.

Automate your Field Notebook

GPS cow collars collect a lot of valuable information for your Field Horn. RUMI automatically integrates this information to save you time.

Get a head start on grants

The cow tracker helps you benefit from CAP 2023 subsidies: the RUMI GPS cow collar with activity measurement allows you to demonstrate eligible practices in an agile way.

Get Extra Profit

GPS for cattle are financially supported by some Autonomous Communities in Spain due to their traceability benefits.

Demonstrates the Pasto Time

Your smart cow collar must record grazing time if you want to take advantage of CAP 2023 support for extensive livestock farming: RUMI automates its recording.

“RUMI allows you to save hours of work by updating the Digital Notebook automatically.”

Daniel Pardo, CTO Innogando

Cows Gps Collar connected to Livestock App

Record Events in an Agile and Convenient Way

Your livestock always goes with you with the RUMI application wherever you go.

No smart gps cow collar can replace manual recording of events such as inseminations or calving.

Connecting the GPS cow collar to the livestock application allows you to add your own records.

RUMI allows you to record every important event of your livestock in a few seconds.

Your Smart Calendar

Add any extra reminders you wish and consult past events; also available in the history of each cow.

Production History

Identify your most productive cows and improve your herd genetics

Get the Productive History of each cow by registering her key events in the mobile application.

GPS data from your livestock combined with event logging in the app allows you to discover high-value, productive information.


The RUMI gps cow collar alerts you of a heat through the mobile application.


You inseminate your cow on time and record the event in the app.


The event is recorded in the cow’s particular history.

Get the 3 Productive Intervals of your Cattle

Insemination Intervals

Detect the cows that need a lower rate of inseminations to get pregnant and speed up your production.

Delivery Interval

Identify which cows have the highest calving rate and prioritize reproduction of cows with the highest potential.

Interval Days Open

Get the days open for each cow automatically by recording each calving and insemination in the app.

Farewell to notebook and excel

Forget about wasting time searching through annotations and excel sheets.

You open the app, select the cow and see its data on your screen.

aplicacion rastreador de vacas RUMI cone

Cow Tracker with production calculator

Anticipate every estrus, calving or end of dry period

The RUMI smart gps cow collar alerts you of every event through the connected mobile app.

Now imagine having the foresight to preview the next heat before it happens.

You register the event, RUMI calculates the date of the next important moment and adds it to the calendar.

Maximize Livestock Efficiency

Discover how RUMI's Productive Calculations work:

App ganadera conectada a collares gps para vacas inteligentes (5)

You register Mounting or Insemination

RUMI calculates the Date of the Next Estrus

You get the date on your calendar so you don't miss the heat in case of unsuccessful insemination.

Pregnancy Positive

RUMI calculates the Due Date

The heat date is cancelled and RUMI forecasts the calving date according to your cow's breed.

You register the delivery

RUMI calculates the Drying Time

In addition, also calculate the time of the next heat so that you are ahead of the curve.

Everything is recorded in the History

Now you can see how many inseminations the cow needed, how many calvings she had or how many days open she is on average.

“RUMI allows you to always stay ahead and distinguish at a glance what your winning cows are.”

Ero Couso, Satisfaction Manager

add section compare annual productivity

RUMI Childbirth

Alert system

Receive alerts on your cell phone so you always know when and where a delivery will take place and always arrive on time.

Increased savings

It saves time, but also money. Do not pay excessive maintenance fees

Gain peace of mind

Don't worry, RUMI does it for you so that you only have to be aware of what is necessary.

Be in control

Use it alone or complement it with the RUMI collar and you will have total control of your livestock.

“RUMI’s goal is to help you make the best production decisions through key information about your livestock”.

Daniel Pardo, Co-Founder

Try the Free Demo

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What do they say about RUMI?

“Tell us the needs of your livestock and we will elaborate the proposal that best suits you”.

Mario Rouco, Satisfaction Manager

Frequently Asked Questions GPS for Cows

First of all, it is important that the GPS collar has a special fastening rope that is both comfortable for the cow and strong.

For example, RUMI uses a braided nylon rope. Nylon is a good material for GPS cow collars because it is strong and durable for outdoor applications. It is also resistant to impacts caused by the cow and to the sun’s UV rays.

Secondly, if your cattle GPS has smart features, it can warn of the fall. This is the case of RUMI.

The cow gps is placed on the animal’s neck and remains connected to an antenna located in the nearby radius.

This antenna sends the signal from the gps for cows to the livestock mobile application where you can check the location of your livestock.

The RUMI cow gps and the necessary antenna have solar panels. So that you also save the cost of antenna batteries.

In addition, the antenna that connects to the cow gps needs to have a wide coverage radius. That is why RUMI cow gps use Lorawan connectivity, because of the wide range of coverage it provides.

Click on the DEMO request button and ask for your free coverage map.

The main functionality of a GPS for cows is to locate the animal at all times. However, the GPS cow collar can also be a smart collar at the same time.

This is the case of RUMI

Investing in a cow tracker that is also a smart collar allows you to save the cost of two separate devices, since everything is integrated into the same GPS collar.

In addition, it is critical that the cow locator collar connects to a mobile app so you can check where your herd is without the need for a desktop computer.

RUMI provides this possibility, and also the possibility of consulting the data through the computer if needed.

Yes, although gps collars for cows do not connect directly to a satellite. Instead, they connect to a nearby antenna that uses a network that does use satellites.

In other words, there are no satellites exclusively designed to locate your livestock. Instead, cow GPS technology uses networks that do rely on satellite connections.

For example, RUMI uses the Lorawan network which allows you not to depend on mobile coverage on your farm. Request a free DEMO and tell us about your case to find the best option for you.


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