Zendal expands its commitment to co-innovation in animal health and invests in the start-up Innogando

The Zendal group has formalized its commitment with the start-up Innogando, with a first investment aimed at the co-creation of specialized devices that improve livestock productivity. This commitment of Zendal to Innogando reinforces the project of the Galician startup that has been highlighted in the Ranking of the Best 100 Startups in Spain 2021 for its work in the fields of technology applied to the livestock sector and mobility.

Zendal’s participation is not only limited to financial support, but also includes support through its distribution network.

For Zendal, this alliance is part of a broader project, which includes collaboration with other emerging companies and confirms the Porriño-based biotech company’s commitment to co-innovation and digital transformation in the world of health and wellness. In the words of its CEO Andrés Fernandez, “the support to Innogando reflects our commitment to research and development in the areas of human and animal health, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life and well-being“.

Improve livestock productivity
Innogando’s project was created in response to a demand for digitization of the livestock sector. In this case, to improve the quality of life of professionals through the technologization of many systems and at the same time increase the profitability of their farm and enhance animal welfare.

Among its most outstanding developments is Rumi, a GPS location system for livestock that monitors the animal’s status in real time and compiles all the information in an App so that the user can access it when needed.

The good reception of this product has allowed a rapid growth of the company, which now has a staff of 10 people and sales nationwide. Therefore, “in the short term, our main challenges are to continue growing, for which we will strengthen our commercial network at national level and we will prepare ourselves to make a leap towards international sales, since this time we have seen the need for this type of services and others that we are already working on.“said Innogando’s CEO, Elio Lopez.

About Innogando
Innogando was born in 2020 as a project in which technology and nature come together with the aim of digitizing the livestock sector in order to improve the quality of life of professionals, the profitability of livestock facilities and achieve greater animal welfare. Based in Lugo and made up of farmers, veterinarians and computer and electronic engineers, the project is supported by Zendal, Xesgalicia and Vigo Activo.

About Zendal
Zendal is the corporate brand of the biotechnology group that brings together six companies focused on the research, development, manufacture and marketing of human and animal health vaccines and other high value-added products for the health sector. The firms under its umbrella are CZ Vaccines, Biofabri, Vetia, Petia, Zinereo and Probisearch. The O Porriño-based company has a team of more than 500 people, most of them highly qualified.

Its different facilities have multiple differentiated biotechnology production areas and laboratories in Spain and Portugal (planned for the first four months of 2022), making it a preferential location for the production of vaccines in Europe. It currently exports its health products to 65 countries.

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