The information that you need, in your hand

RUMI is a GPS location system for cattle that monitors in real time the animal state, providing the information that you need, no more no less.

Complement it with RUMI Calving and you will know in real time the exact moment of the birth.


What we do

We are more than a GPS monitor system. We look for guarantee you a better life quality, making your job easier with the best technology availiable so you can control your lifestock in a simple way.

Rumis in the world
Heats detected
Monitored farms

What makes RUMI for you?

Heat detection

We know the required effort of whatching out heats and inseminations. Therefore, RUMI can detect how many cows and heifers are in heat so that you are not overlooked.


 Delimit your field so we can alert you if the animals get out of it!

Disease prevention

Thanks to the monitoring capacity, you will be able to visualize behaviour changes in cattle and act in time or anticipate the onset of disease.

Alert in dangerous situations

We alert you if we detect posible threats, like wolfs attacks or lifestock steal, so you don’t suffer losses.

What makes RUMI different?

Infinite autonomy

Forget to change the battery, it gets recharged with a solar panel.

Big scope

RUMI never gets lost, it has always coverage and doesn’t need SIM card.


It is ideal for both extensive and intensive farming.

A single App for everything

View alerts and consult any information where and when you want.


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RUMI Calving

Alerts system

Receive alerts on your mobile to know when and where a birth is going to take place to arrive always on time.

Gain peace of mind

Don’t worry, RUMI does it for you so that you only have to pay attention just enough.

More savings

Save time, but also money. Don’t pay excessive maintenance fees.

Have the control

Use it alone or complement it with the RUMI necklace and you will have total control of your lifestock.

Easy to use

Our application allows you to manage the day to day of your farm to make it much more bearable. RUMI offers almost total monitoring 24 hours a day, and thanks to its own App you will be able to record all the events, see where your animals are and know what they are doing, all this in real time and in an easy and intuitive way.

Share your experience and welcome new members to your farm in a big way. Plus, you’ll be able to read reviews and get help and advice from other farmers!

Download the App

Access all the information that RUMI collects through its App, available for IOS and Android. You will be able to know, in real time, where your lifestock are and what they are doing.

You’ll know when they are running so you can check what is going on and prevent robberies or wolf attacks, as well as detect diseases early.

Complement it with RUMI Calving and you will know in real time when and where a birth is going to take place.