Management app for livestock farms and digital notebook


Process management

  • Management of livestock processes (counting, fencing control, farrowing record) through an application.
  • Digital herd management.
  • Herd productivity management.
  • Farm stock management.
  • Data integration with any platform through API.
  • Updatable: you will access updates to the solution with new versions.
  • Scalable: valid for any type of livestock.

Segment III 0 – 3 EMPLOYEES 2000€ Includes 1 user.

Segment II 3 – 9 EMPLOYEES €3000 Includes up to 3 users.

Segment I 11 – 50 EMPLOYEES €6000 Includes up to 10 users.


Livestock data analysis platform


Business Intelligence

Rumi’s main objective is to digitize and automate your business processes related mainly to operational or productive aspects and especially those focused on data analysis.

With Rumi you can digitize the daily workflows of the farm:

  • Smart detection of sick animals.
  • Smart detection of animal heats.
  • Smart detection of costs.
  • Digital traceability and stock control.

Implementation, parameterization and training services Remote support for questions and queries. Software updates and hotfixes included for 12 months. Target segments: I, II and III Price: From 500€/user.

Rumi has:

  • APIs or Web Services for its integration with other tools.
  • Data integration with other databases: connect to data sources, visualize to discover what is important and share it with any or all users in the organization.
  • Data storage: storage capacity from 1Gb per user
  • Creation of structured dashboards: Dynamic reports that allow you to ask and answer the key questions of the company.
  • Export and visualization of data: export of information so that it is compatible with other systems and visualization of multi-platform panels.