Creating welfare

Who said technology and nature dind’t get along?

Who are we?

We are synonym of quality and we have the proof.
What is our commitment?

Improve farms profitability and farmers life quality, always guaranteeing animal welfare.


GPS location
Higher profitability
Activity monitoring
Better life quality


Quality control
Blockchain traceability
Animal welfare warranty


Full traceability
Animal welfare commitment

GPS control and monitoring system

RUMI is a lifestock GPS location system like no other in the market. It monitors the real time state of the animal and gathers all information in a handy App so you can access it at any time.

Complement it with RUMI Partos and get alerts when a birth is near.


Our partners

Innogando is born with the objective of offering technological solutions for improving the farmer life quality and their profitability all around the world, improving the animal welfare and sector reputation in society. Technology and data are our strengths, with which we make the farms most important tasks easy. We develop these technologies from inside, bringing our technological innovation projects to live with the permanent target of solving the farmer needs.

Our team is full of talent and creativity. We improve the profitability of our clients in a transparent and pleasant way, always worrying about animal welfare and the environment.

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