Our company has been a benefited of the Conecta Hubs program, aimed at collaborative projects in the strategic areas of digital innovation hubs that allow it to advance in its specialization and consolidation within the framework of RIS3 Galicia, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the ERDF Galicia 2014-2020 operational program (Procedure Code IN852B) and supported by the Second Vice Presidency and the Ministry of Economy, Business and Innovation. The project IN852B/17, MilkChain, “Certificación Digital de la Trazabilidad mediante herramientas facilitadoras en la cadena de valor de la industria láctea”, is led by Grupo Leche Río, S.A. within the consortium in which PS Vet Dairyquality, S.L., Proymaes, S.L. Innogando, S.L., Himikode Tech, S.L., has as its main objective the creation of a traceability system in the food industry linked to the value chain of Grupo Leche Río.
Its main objectives are:
  • OG1. Research on the different enabling technologies applied to the value chain at its different critical points.
  • OG2 Evaluation and improvement of said technologies by developing validations in pilots between SMEs, research centers and in the driving company.
  • OG3 Develop a comprehensive “turnkey” service that allows control over the impact on the value chain of the dairy industry, including devices for continuous data collection, artificial vision solutions, artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain aimed at certification digital traceability, and an application aimed at adding value to the data processed by the end customer and distributor.
The tasks corresponding to the 2021 annuity are currently carried out according to the planned execution schedule.