Currently, the 3 Annuities have been completed with the achievement of 100% of the objectives initially planned in the project:

OG1.Research on the different enabling technologies applied to the value chain at its different critical points.
Companies Involved: Leche Río, Innogando, Proymaes, Himikode (Subcontract ITG)
OG2 Evaluation and improvement of these technologies developing validation in pilots between SMEs, research centers and the leading company.
Companies Involved: Leche Río, Innogando, Proymaes, Himikode (Subcontract ITG and USC)
OG3 Develop a comprehensive “turnkey” service that allows control over the impact on the value chain of the dairy industry, including devices for continuous data capture, artificial vision solutions, artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain aimed at certification digital traceability, and an application aimed at giving value to the data processed by the end customer and distributor.
Companies Involved: Leche Río, Innogando, Himikode (Subcontract ITG)

More concretely:
• Computer vision models have been made that allow detecting in the different lines of the factory if the labeling of the bottles that are being packaged corresponds to the executed order. By means of a system of 2 cameras, one for each production line, it allows both the verification of the quality of the packaging and the counting of the bottles to be carried out in real time. The integration of QR printing at the end of the pilot line has been developed.
• The integration of all the data sources that allow monitoring the quality of the milk has been carried out, as well as the digitization of all the internal processes that the factory workers carry out in their day-to-day work regarding quality. In addition, the information to be stored in a chain of blocks (Blockchain) has been designed that will allow users to have traceability from the farm to the table of bottled milk..
• The final application has been made aimed at the different agents involved (consumer, livestock, industry) connected in real time to the monitoring platform.
• All the software solutions implemented and integrated with other external systems (Ligal, Cegacol, Aemet) have been deployed in a leche rio cloud system, allowing the accessibility of said information 24/7, in this integrated monitoring platform was carried out the implementation of prediction algorithms on the information offering Leche Rio a competitive advantage to be able to anticipate the needs of the factory


Milktelligence addresses the need of the dairy sector to improve its productivity through data collection, sensorization and visualization of key indicators for the dairy industry. For this reason, this project will mean important advances in the control of stocks in livestock farms, will allow the organization of the supply by the company, as well as linking the food in poor condition with the productive performance.
This initiative aims to design, develop and validate a new collaborative platform for the primary and secondary sectors that allows, through the design of specific dashboards, agile decision-making based on criteria for maximizing productive performance, animal health and product quality.
Milktelligence is a strategic project promoted by the Galician Food Cluster (Clusaga), which involves two technology companies (PS Vet Dairyquality and Innogando) and three food companies (GALACTEUM, Feiraco and Cooperativa Agraria Provincial de A Coruña); and financed within the framework of the support program for AEIs of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. Its general objective is to promote competitiveness and the transition towards digital leadership in the dairy sector.
Specific objectives of the project
  1. Analyze the needs of dairy farms based on the strategy and market of the dairy industries
  2. Define and install the data collection sensor on the selected farms
  3. Develop a data collection and analytics platform
  4. Establish the KPIs of interest for dairy farms and create dashboards using BI to visualize them
  5. Validate the operation and applicability of the dashboards in dairy farms and correct possible deviations

This initiative aims to design, develop and validate a new collaborative platform for the primary and secondary sectors that allows, through the design of specific dashboards, agile decision making.