Our team

Innogando is packed with restless and maverick minds, where great ideas come natural. Behind this project stands a versatile team that delivers their every day work with passion and commitment.
Elio López García

CEO & Co-Founder

Daniel Pardo Rus

CTO & Co-Founder

Alejandro Vázquez Calaza

Software Engineer

Braulio Méndez Agra

Software Engineer

Marcos Fernández Méndez

Blockchain Developer

Álvaro Freire Ares

Software Engineer

Diego Valcarce Ríos

Data Engineer


Cat Engineer

Greta, miembro y mascota de Innogando, jugando con Rumi

Dog Engineer


Cat Engineer

Ero Couso Campo

Sales Manager

Pedro Pillado García-Xesto

Computer Engineer

Pablo López Álvarez, miembro de Innogando
Pablo López Álvarez

Chief Innovation Officer

Daniel Rizo

Technical Developer

Carlota Antelo del Río

Chief Veterinary Officer

Work with us

We are all sailing on the same boat and we enjoy rowing together. If you want to join our team, we will be happy to welcome you.